Personal Support

Personal Support covers a wide range of services which are available for individuals who are disadvantaged in some way.


We give professional advice on a range of specialist topics like, "entitlement" to State Benefits and "claiming" Benefits, for example Housing Benefit. We can assist with an application for Personal Independence Payment.

Personal Support

The support we make available includes, support with an application for State Benefits, Housing Benefit, Personal Independence Payments. We can provide support through any Appeals process.


We can provide an Advocate to represent our client. An Advocate is someone who can act on your behalf.

Professional Colleague

In the cases where we do provide someone to act as a personal assistant or Advocate, we prefer to use the term Professional Colleague because we feel this better describes the persons role as well as their capabilities.

A Professional Colleague can accompany a client when they attend an appointment, or an interview. They can act as Advocate for the client which means that the Professional Colleague can speak on the client's behalf, answer questions which the client is unable to answer directly, for whatever reason. The Professional Colleague will manage the interview if necessary, in order to ensure that correct policy and protocols are adhered to and that the interview or appointment is conducted in a fair and legal manner. Please enquire if you have need of this service.

Sign Posting

When it is going to be beneficial to a client, we will sign post them to another organisation, or to a specific person if we believe they are better equipped to resolve the issue.
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