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Oxford PC Solutions Ltd

Social Enterprise

We have more than 30 years experience working for the community. We began in 1984 organising Community Arts activities and have progressively broadened our interests and strengthened our capabilities. Today we still do Community Arts stuff via Crackpots media hub digitally promoting on the Internet unsigned artists, film makers, musicians, etc. However, we now also give professional advice and provide various kinds of support to individuals and to Community Groups. Specialising in Welfare Rights, we cover topics like claiming Benefits, particularly Disability Benefits. We are also well versed on many aspects of Business Management including UK Tax and Charity Law, (in respect of not for profit enterprise). Oxford PC Solutions Ltd engage in activities like Fund Raising

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Workshops, Networking, Marketing and the Development and Management of Community Groups like SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd.

Community Led Housing

One of the main interests of the company over many years is Community Led Housing. There are many different models in operation currently, each one reflecting a local interpretation of the term "community". In our case SOMA intends to create homes which will be permanently kept at an affordable rent for it's members.

The "Intended Community" SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd is quite distinct from other communities of people who live in a village, on a housing estate, or in a "gated community" for example. Some Intended Communities are made up of privately owned dwellings and apartments, whilst SOMA's will consist of "social housing" owned by the company which is managed co-operatively by it's members.

Oxford PC Solutions Ltd (social enterprise) handles IT, Training and Fund Raising for SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd. Income generated through OPCS Ltd activities is used for the day to day running of the social enterprise and is donated to SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd to assist in the development and building of Community Led Housing.

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