Oxford PC Solutions is a (nfp) Not for Profit Organisation. Besides the annual subscriptions paid by the members, we hope to sell art work and music which has been produced by SOMA members and friends. The products have been donated so that money derived from sales will be donated in full and will create funds which contribute towards the day to day running costs and the development costs of SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd. We also hope to attract grants from funding bodies and donations from the general public.

Purchase Fine Art

You will find art works including prints and original drawings and paintings in the Galleries on Crackpots web site.

Purchase Original Music

Music created by some SOMA members and supporters is available for free and can be heard and downloaded on the Music Page at Crackpots Media Hub. There are other tracks which can be purchased individually via the same page which provides a link to the OCDC 2017 Dance Album which is hosted on Band Camp.

Make a Donation

Otherwise you can simply make a donation to the SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd project using one of the methods suggested on this page, see below.

You can send a cheque to the Treasurer. Please make the cheque payable to SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd.
Otherwise, you may wish to set up a Direct Debit or Standing Order with your bank so that regular payments can be made.
You can also transfer funds in order to make a one off donation to SOMA using BACS

SOMA's Bank Details

Please make cheques/Direct Debit/BACS payable to SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd.

Pay Pal Donate Button

Alternatively you can use the Pay Pal Donate button below to make a one off donation right now.

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