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SOMA Housing Co-Op

logo of SOMA Housing Co-Operative Ltd and link to their web site
SOMA Housing Co-Op


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Community Arts Organisation

Danny Nasirpour

Dan Nasiirpour
Downs Syndrome Artist

Ho Ho Chi Heaven

Ho Ho Chi Heaven logo and link to web site
Spirit Emporium
a residential building in central London with a roof garden

Community Builders

Community builders are organisations which aim to meet local needs, providing the workforce from the people who live locally. Often taking the form of a Workers Co-Operative, these often provide training and co-ordinate with a local Charity and a Secondary Housing Co-Op, as in the Coin Street model. Link to the Coin Street web site.

Our Mission

This is the aspirational stuff. Our mission is to set up a community builders that will do the actual building of the eco houses for the housing co-op. Until the housing Co-Op has finance and a building project, this is still on the wish list. July 2014.

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